We take pleasure to introduce our group as renowned and quality conscious manufacturers/exporters of PTY, MICRO PTY, PACKAGE DYED PTY AND TWISTED PTY. We also manufacture Dope Dyed Yarns.

"MEHRATEX group" has World Class state of the art plant and equipment from world leaders like Barmag, Himson-Scragg, Alidra and Lohia ACBF to manufacture Polyester textured/Twisted yarns in various Deniers.

Intermingled yarns with Zero Torque

Strong intermingled yarns in 75, 100, 150, 300, 450, 600, 900 & 1200 Denier
Micro PTY such as 108F, 144F, 216F & 288F
Twisted PTY from 100 Twist to 2000 Twist in 75D, 100D, 155D, 155/D/2PLY, 300D, 600D & 1200D
Catonic yarns
Fire Retardent yarns
Melange yarn
Dope Dyed yarns
Twisted yarns on plastic perforated tubes for direct use in yarn Dyeing
Bright Twisted Dyed yarns
Embroidery yarns
Full Dull yarns